Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ghost This

A few weeks ago I was giving a lesson at Links and Tees and I noticed a guy putting on the practice green with a white putter. No big deal, it's seems like everyone has a Ghosted Taylor Made Rossa or Corsa putter, but this one had three red dots on the face. As I got closer I realized it was a Scotty Cameron. I figured the guy had done it himself. Upon closer inspection I realized it was done professionally. After a little conversation he told me he had it done by Continental Golf of Raleigh, North Carolina. So I sent my Odyssey Tour Series Black #2 to him right away. I admit it, I'm a club nerd. In particular, a serious putter wonk. That's a guy that would rather have several nice putters to look at and show off than to actually play with them. Although the Odyssey is what I putt with, I may try to sell it on eBay because I've seen where Ghosted Scotty Camerons are going for upwards of $800!!! It seems the Japanese market is still very hot for collectable Camerons. There was nothing special about this particular model going for $800 except that it was "ghosted" painted white. This particular Odyssey is by far the best feeling milled putter I've ever putted with.

So, I went around looking for as many used Camerons as I could find and I found a 98 Sonoma 2 Pro Platinum and a 2002 Studio Select GSS  (German Stainless Steel insert) and sent them to Stuart and guys at Continental to have them ghosted and custom colered with transluscent laquer paint fill. They should be ready in about three weeks. Stay tuned and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aim Point Putting Clinic Friday May 6th

AWOLgolf and Links and Tees Golf Learning Facility in Addison, Illinois will be presenting an Aim Point Technologies Putting Clinic.
Links and Tees

 This class will be a fundamental introduction in the Emmy winning Aim Point green reading system developed by Mark Sweeney. Webster Golf Club Director of Instruction John Graham will be on hand to conduct the clinic.

When: Friday May 6th
Where: Links and Tees Golf Learning Facility. Addison, Illinois
Cost: $200 per student. $100 deposit due by April 10th

There will be 3 two hour sessions. 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm

For reservations email:

Links and Tees